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  • Simple and improved mail verification system Check Email Online. It seems simple but can save clients for you.
  • Cadastral value verification system W H A T   I S   H E R E. Do you wish to rent a flat in Russia? Do you wish to buy the property in Russia? Check real age and cadastral cost! Be smart and choose better!

Email web services are purposed to simplify most common tasks of email address processing: email address verification and email address confirmation.

These tasks are common and simple looking but implementation of them is not always ideal. As it turns out because developers do not wish waste time to such simple tasks and do not understand importance of clearing client communication data for business.

So you can use already written and tested services from this site.

Check Email Online

Confirm Email Online


All these services are free for testing purposes. But if you need some waranty of them availability then email please to info@radrel.com and ask about details.

Any additional web services may be developed and hosted here for you by requirement.

Are you prefer real addresses?

Check please new service What is here? on this site. “That is here?” is a simplest tool for verify any address in Russia and check how old building at address place and how much it costs.